SANDALUS Quartzite leather 2cm thick - Slab

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Please select: Slab Size 112" x 75" - 58.33 SF/PC
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We only sell Full Slabs.
Please indicate how many SF you need and click on the Quote button to receive shipping costs.

Stone is a Natural Product therefore Color and Veining will vary from one piece to another and within each stone.

Special Equipment & Fork Lift will be required to Load & Off-Load your Orders. More info.


The black lines going across the stone meeting with the brown natural shades bring the "wood" look into your project. This fusion of colors and patterns not only introduces a striking resemblance to wood but also adds a touch of organic warmth and character, making your project a harmonious blend of natural aesthetics and contemporary style.

Material: Quartzite
Finish: Leather
Application: Interior/Exterior
Area: Ideal for countertops
Pool App: No
Water App: Okay
Hue Variation: High
Shape: Slab

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Stone slabs are considered heavy commodities, therefore special equipment & fork-lift will be required to load & off-load your orders.


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