ANDES BLACK Quartzite polished 2cm thick - Slab

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Please select: Slab Size 125" x 74" = 64.24 SF
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We only sell Full Slabs.
Please indicate how many SF you need and click on the Quote button to receive shipping costs.

Stone is a Natural Product therefore Color and Veining will vary from one piece to another and within each stone.

Special Equipment & Fork Lift will be required to Load & Off-Load your Orders. More info.


This is an exceptional product that offers a unique combination of beauty, durability, and sustainability. Its unparalleled qualities not only contribute to the visual appeal of your space but also ensure long-lasting performance while making a positive impact on the environment, making it a conscientious and stylish choice for your project.

Material: Quartzite
Finish: Polished
Application: Interior/Exterior
Area: Ideal for countertops
Pool App: Okay
Water App: Okay
Hue Variation: High
Shape: Slab

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Stone slabs are considered heavy commodities, therefore special equipment & fork-lift will be required to load & off-load your orders.


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