Thinking about Open-plan?

No matter whether you’re building, remodeling, downsizing or daydreaming, chances are an open-plan layout is high up on your wish list.

And you want to ensure your floor plan makes the most of your home's potential

DONATELLO Dolomite polished 2cm thick - Slab SeriesDONATELLO Dolomite polished 2cm thick - Slab Series

Open-concept kitchen, living and dining areas feel casual and contemporary, and they make smart use of space and light. But with no defined boundaries and a clear view of the space around them, open-concept spaces can be surprisingly challenging to decorate.

SMOKE, WAVELINE, Matte (Mosaic Tile) - Island, Glass SeriesSMOKE, WAVELINE, Matte - Island

Different colors, strategically placed lighting, planned furniture. You can be adventurous with some items, but keep in mind that everything is part of the same room and therefore should at least relate to each other.

VITORIA REGIA Quartzite polished 2cm thick - Slab Series
VITORIA REGIA Quartzite polished 2cm thick - Slab Series

If you're going for a beachy style, for instance, you can't put a completely different theme into the kitchen and expect it to look harmonious.

BREEZE, WAVELINE MINI, Matte (Mosaic Tile) - Island, Glass SeriesBREEZE, WAVELINE MINI, Matte - Island

So, go for a singular decorating style. If the room has an industrial vibe, the kitchen should follow the same design guidelines. This element is critical to avoid over-information and create a sense of continuity between environments.