The Best Kitchen Backsplash For Your Home: What You Need To Know
Kitchen backsplash is one of the most visually heavy elements of the room. Adding a nice backsplash to the kitchen wall can give a great look and protect your wall above the sink and stove from spills, splashes, stains and damage caused by moisture and heat. They are  aesthetically appealing and functional! 


 Learn how to select the perfect backsplash for your kitchen with these five tips

1. Budget - there are so many amazing options to choose from tile


At Rocks in Stock, there are hundreds of amazing backsplash options at incredible prices; you can find great options as low as $10/sf!  Multiply the width by the height of the wall to determine the square footage. That will give you how much material you’ll need. Make sure to add an extra 10 percent of tile, just in case. 

kitchen-backsplash-tile2. Design - You can design your dream kitchen wisely! Define the style and color palette for your kitchen - you can add a border to your backsplash, or mix and match colors of the same tile, make sure all will get along with cabinet colors and  countertop you already have. The focal point is where you want to create a stunning effect. The two main focal points in the kitchen are the space above the range and above the sink and that’s 





Choose Material: You can choose a colorful style or pick stones or glass mosaic tiles - our favorites!

Glass Tile

Browse Glass Tile for Backsplash - Matte

Browse Glass Tile for Backsplash - Glossy


Stone Tile - 

Browse Basalt for Backsplash here

Browse Sandstone for Backsplash here

Browse Slate for Backsplash here

Browse Quartzite for Backsplash here

Browse Marble for Backsplash here

Browse Pebble Mosaic for Backsplash here



Samples: we highly recommend ordering a sample of a tile before you make your final purchase. At, it is simple to request a sample. Create your account and start browsing. Seeing the tile in real life will give you a new perspective.


 Seal: Be sure to ask the installer to seal the tile as needed. Depending on the backsplash material, it would be good to remember to reseal your kitchen backsplash at least once in 2 years.


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