Bathroom Makeover with Glass Tiles

The perfect shower tile is one that has a design and color scheme that fits in with the overall aesthetic of your bathroom. It also needs to have a water-resistant surface, to be easy to clean after a quick shower. Glass Tiles are an excellent choice for these reasons - they are durable, lightweight and comes in many different colors and designs!

Glass-Tile-BathroomGlass Series | Patina Glass 3.5~x12 | Color: Bright Side Gloss | Shop now



Glass-Tile-Bathroom-ShowerGlass Series | Cascade 8x2 | Color: Oceania | Shop now


The tiles are easy to clean and durable, which is a plus for any home. There are many different colors of tile available, so you can find something that matches your bathroom's color scheme or style.

Glass-Tile-BathroomGlass Series | Patina Glass 3.5~x12 | Color: Champagne | Shop now

 Glass Tile BathroomGlass Series | Palms | Color: Pure Silk Gloss | Shop now

If you have a small bathroom where space is an issue there are also mosaic options available. 

 Bathroom Glass TileGlass Series | Patina 3.5x12 | Color: Silver Lining Gloss | Shop now


How do you know which type of tile will work best for your shower? We're here to help!